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Sunday, 4:27 am
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  • Period: How bout an entire chocolate cake for breakfast?
  • Period: How's that back pain? Feeling better? Let's fix that.
  • Period: Find a cookie as big as a house and eat it.
  • Period: Where's your Tic Tac box filled with ibuprofen?
  • Period: Got things to do? Don't care. Sleep.
  • Period: For dinner you're eating an entire bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
  • Period: Breeze blows by. Instantly horny.
  • Period: You didn't like those brand new underwear right?
  • Period: Yell at a puppy.
Sunday, 4:27 am
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i’m looking for a tumblr girlfriend to make FAMOUS! Following everyone back until I find one :)
Sunday, 4:26 am
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let’s get high and make out

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Don’t even smoke anymore but I’d love to have this.
Sunday, 4:25 am
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Sunday, 4:25 am
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Some things that should be acceptable by now:

  • Girls having sleepovers with boys.
  • Female nipples showing.
  • Marriage equality and equality in general.
  • Doing what you want with your body.
  • Wearing what you want,
  • Kinder eggs in America.

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Sunday, 4:23 am
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